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When's the last time you really blew your other half away in the bedroom? (No pun intended…)

Long term relationships are wonderful things, but after a while of sleeping with the same man, or woman, it's easy to find ourselves falling into a rut. If your sex life is less than sizzling, that doesn't mean that you don't love your partner any less, it just means that you might need to try something surprising to shake things up again.

The element of surprise and a little creativity can go a long way towards transforming your average romp into an experience that has you both gasping for breath. Here, we'll take a look at just some of the ways that you can rev up your relationship, and take your bedroom antics to the next level.

1.     Mix Business and Pleasure

What better way to show your other half you've been thinking about them than to visit their office when they're just about to shut down for the day? Turn up when you know your partner isn't going to be busy (no one feels sexy when they're rushing to meet a deadline), shut the door, and treat them to a demonstration on new ways for using that old office desk.

Pro tip: It's really only possible to use this particular option when your partner has their own private office. If your other half currently works in an open-plan office, or a cubicle, it's going to be much harder to get raunchy without drawing the attention of the boss. Of course, you could always try a trip to a private bathroom, or a quickie in your car during a lunch break to help combat that issue.

2.     Speak Up in the Bedroom

If you're usually the quiet type in the bedroom, now might be the perfect time to speak up and tell your other half about some of the saucy things you're just itching to try. Studies show that people who talk about the kind of sex they want are generally more satisfied, and you might discover that you both have a hidden fantasy you'd never tried out before.

While you're getting verbal in the bedroom, don't be afraid to act a little naughtier than usual too. Dirty talk can be a great way to rev up the action and get both parties in the mood for the main event. Try whispering something filthy in your lover's ear, and see how they respond. Just be sure to avoid any words or phrases that your partner might find distasteful. Of course, if you're confident enough, your lover might even overlook the use of less appealing terms.

3.     Make Mornings Worth Waking Up For

Mornings can be a nightmare, thanks to buzzing alarm clocks and the dreaded call of the workplace. However, you could always surprise your partner by making their next morning one to remember. According to scientific research, morning sex isn't only better for your overall mood and health, but it also helps men to last longer too.

Since testosterone levels peak overnight, most men are ready to go the moment they wake up - and few will refuse their partner if they feel like getting a little frisky. On top of that, you'll go to work with all the glow and satisfaction that a great orgasm can bring - what's not to like? If you know your partner will respond well, you could even try waking them up with oral sex - who says delight has to wait until the afternoon?

4.     Introduce Something New

Sometimes, spicing up your sex life is as simple as introducing something new to the bedroom. For instance, consider purchasing a toy that doesn't look too intimidating, and bringing it with you on your next sexual adventure. Research shows that even one small change - like a fresh set of lingerie, or learning a new position could be enough to create some huge explosions in the bedroom.

For something simple that's sure to leave you feeling more confident, women could try dressing up in a naughty costume. Find out what your partner's biggest fantasies are, and dress up to make them come true. Outfits help you to get in the mood while giving your other half all the inspiration they need to jump into action. For men, the solution can be as simple as bringing new foreplay into the mix. How about a sensual massage for your partner, or something battery-powered to turn up the heat?

5.     Take Charge!

Finally, there's nothing sexier than confidence in the bedroom. It doesn't matter which role you usually play in your sexual antics, you'll find that showing your partner that you're willing to take charge often leads to some pretty fiery evenings. Play up the erotic side of your personality, and if you're feeling flirty, you could even try a small strip-tease to set the mood.

If you're not sure how your partner will feel about you "being the boss", it's probably a good idea to avoid going too far with this idea first-time around. Try starting with some teasing and confident dirty talk, before you work your way up to whips and ropes. Women, try teasing your lover by dressing up in your finest lingerie and performing a slow strip-tease, with no touching allowed until you say so. Men, consider telling your lover what you'd like to do to them and teasing them with the odd kiss and nibble until they're begging for more.

Surprising Your Lover

Sex is a wonderful thing, but it's easy for us to fall into habits which can leave us feeling a little unsatisfied in the bedroom. If you think that your intimate moments with your partner could benefit from some extra spice, try using the five solutions above to add the element of surprise into your next rendezvous.

How do you spice things up in your sex life?

Have you got a favorite technique for making your partner's jaw drop?

Share your tricks and opinions with us in the comments, and stay tuned for more scintillating sex and relationship advice!

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