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How much do you trust your other half?

Let's face it - no-one's perfect.

Sooner or later, you or your lover are going to do something that stresses the other person out, or leaves them feeling angry and frustrated. The good news, is that if you really trust your partner, you should be able to forgive him, or her.

According to a study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the more we trust our partner, the more likely we are to forgive them.

Of course, other things like how much your lover does to make you feel better, and how sincere they are when making their apologies will count too. However, it's generally trust that lays the foundations for success in a relationship.

As your source for relationship advice, sex games, and love guidance, we thought we'd source a few tips to help you create a stronger sense of trust in your relationship:

  1.     Let Your Flaws Shine Through

Towards the beginning of a relationship, we all convince ourselves that we need to be otherworldly creatures, capable of looking perfectly groomed every moment of the day. Unfortunately, you can't maintain this forced perfection forever. Ultimately, you're both going to struggle with different things in your relationship, and neither of you are going to look stunning after a rough night on the town.

As soon as you can let your other half see and accept the real you, you'll find your trust levels start to rise. Knowing that your lover won't reject you because of a bit of bed head will also mean you feel more comfortable revealing greater truths about yourself too.

  1.     Don't be Judgmental

Sometimes your partner is going to confide in you about their fears, concerns, or something they did wrong. This is a moment you can use to strengthen, or destroy the trust in your relationship. Don't dismiss feelings, criticize, or judge. Instead, express empathy and try to find a way to offer solutions for the situation.

  1.     Take Their Side

In a relationship, it's often more important to make sure that you're supportive to your lover, than right. When you find yourself responding to an argument between him and his friend, or him and someone in his workplace, make sure that you always stand up for your guy. The same applies for the woman in your life too. When your lover is wrong, make sure that you're diplomatic about suggesting changes to their thought process.

  1.     Give Them More Control

Trust isn't something we can simply give and receive. You need to earn trust from your partner, just as they need to earn trust from you. To give your lover the chance to show you he or she is trustworthy, give them an opportunity to show you want they're made of. Let them choose a restaurant for date night, or tell them that they can choose what you do for an entire weekend. If he or she does something that's suited to your needs and tastes, then you'll know you can rely on them for bigger decisions too.

  1.     Share your Secrets

Ultimately, if you can't talk to your partner, then you're going to struggle making your relationship work. If you had a bad time at work, don't feel like you have to keep it bottled up because you don't want to show your "crazy" side. Be open with your lover, and let him or her know what's bothering you. Often, those moments when you can both connect over shared experiences and concerns are the ones that will help to strengthen your bond for the long-term.

  1.     Tell the Truth

Perhaps unsurprisingly, telling the truth is a big part of gaining trust with your lover. Even the smallest lies can build up over time and weigh down your relationship. No matter how nervous you feel about revealing the truth, make sure that you always put honesty first. For instance, if you know that she's going to disapprove about how much you spent on a new shirt, or he's going to be annoyed by the amount you spent on a new bag, don't just sweep it under the rug. Own up.

  1.     Always Keep Your Promises

Trust is a two-way street. If your partner can't rely on you to be trustworthy and dependable, then you won't be able to rely on them either. If you want to show your loved one that you're worth their trust, make sure that you always keep your promises. For instance, if you've said that you're going to watch a movie with your lover tonight, make sure you're prepared to sit down at the agreed time, switch off your phone, and pay attention.

  1.     Always Be Yourself

It's common for people in relationships to think that they need to show one side of their personality to their lover, and another side to everyone else. No matter the crowd you're in, make sure that the most authentic version of you is shining through. The more honest you are about who you are, the more trust you'll earn.

  1.     Be Punctual

This is a crucial point that people often forget about in their relationships. If you say you're going to turn up for dinner at 7pm, but something goes wrong, then you should call your partner and let them know that you're going to be late. Don't just leave them guessing. A big part of creating trust is making sure that you can count on someone, and they can count on you.

  1. Leave the Mystery for the Bedroom

Finally, there's nothing wrong with a few surprises in the bedroom, but make sure that you avoid unnecessary secrecy in your daily life. This is particularly important if you know that your partner has been betrayed before, and may be more likely to worry about what you do in your free time. There's nothing wrong with telling your lover who you're texting if he or she is feeling a little insecure. It's up to you to show the person in your life that they can trust you.

Which of these have you found worked for you?

Have you any other tips and trix to share that would help other members establish trust in their relationships?

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