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OK - first up, we've just realised we've never had an instruction page online outlining how to play our best-selling Naughty But Dice® product! So here it is:

There are 4 dice...

• 1 x 8-sided body parts die

• 1 x 12-sided action die

• 2 x 12-sided illustrated positions dice – 24 sexual positions!

Warm Up

Take turns to roll the 8‐sided and 12-‐sided dice together.

The person who rolls the dice is the person receiving the actions!

Get Down

Once you’ve warmed each other up with a few rolls of the 8-sided and 12-sided body parts and actions dice, move on to the pair of 12-sided positions dice, with each partner taking a turn to roll both dice simultaneously.

Once you’ve given the first position a go, see how smoothly you can transition to the second. If you don’t understand how to achieve the position, look up the number in the booklet for further explanation….

Get Dirty

For extra challenge, have a look through the bonus (or is that boner’s?) positions at the back of the booklet – how many can you master!?


  1. Use the box to shake the dice you happen to be using, a great way to ensure impartiality and randomness!
  2. Don't time out if the position looks too hard, at least GIVE IT A GO - what's the worst that can happen? You fall about laughing? GREAT - do it...
  3. If you happen to have a blindfold and/or a pair of handcuffs available, use these on one partner when rolling the Warm Up dice. Don't have any? Check our Shake & Shackle® game as an option!


Please comment in the comments field below with your thoughts on tips and tricks to get the most out of the Naughty But Dice® game! We love to hear your feedback...

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